I Wish I Were

… able to finish that sentence.

Paradox, isn’t it? Or, self-fulfilling. Strictly, the latter would be true. I wished it, so I did it. It is a common concept, but one that rarely applies to me.

I am f-ing lazy. I wished it, so I did it is a pious wish. If it happens, it is not as immediate as the wish in the title. Either I wait for the moment when the effort to fulfill the wish is the least possible, or I procrastinate until the last possible moment. I am a terrible, terrible sloth. Well, I do write, and I don’t wait for the very last moment with that, and there are no real moments where the effort to write something is the least. It just comes naturally.

I rarely make wishes. They may come true, and what would I do then? No, seriously, I don’t usually wish for anything because I know it’s not just going to be handed to me. Deep down I know that I will have to get off my lazy ass to get what I want, and all the wishing in the world ain’t gonna change that. Well, I don’t literally have to get off my lazy ass, I just have to get going in a direction attitude-wise. It does involve getting out of bed, but it isn’t strictly required for that purpose – even though it is for other purposes, like eating something anytime soon, since I am the only person around with the time and skills to cook. I digress. Also, I am finished. What else IS there to be said?

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