American Horror Story

First off, I think Zachary Quinto is a fantastic actor. He made a really good psycho on Heroes, a good choice for Spock – though he really isn’t Leonard Nimoy – and he is great on American Horror Story. The first season of American Horror Story was about a haunted house. The second is about a church run mental institution. I didn’t do any research on the objects, but they both were referred to in other series, so I am assuming that they are at the center of legends irl.

Sex is a very strong theme in American Horror Story, as well as mental illness. Nymphomania, homosexuality [for the record, I don’t believe homosexuality is a disease] would be the point where these subjects overlap, and they are very strong themes in the series, as is supernatural “stuff” and controversial scientific experiments. I like the word “stuff”. Anyway, throw all of that into a pot, and you’ve got a hell of a lot of interesting plots to play out. Totally recommend this series.


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