Narcissism: Social Media

Your blog just became a viral sensation. What’s the one post you’d like new readers to see and remember you by? Write that post.

Some time ago, I read a post that asked whether social media made us more narcissistic. I have argued that they haven’t. Yes, it is staring me in the face right now. Have I been wrong?

For me to answer this, it is necessary to dissect the challenge. It won’t allow me to completely disregard the possibility of being wrong, and if I lose, I will need to find more facts to prove me right. I assume I will win, that is narcissistic, but it is not motivated by social media; it is my pride as a scientifically thinking person I need to protect here.

1. Your Blog just became a viral sensation

This is a narcissistic fantasy, and it refers to a blog. I chose to send my disputative vanguard against this because it proves nothing if I lose or win this part of the argument. It is simply an opener, so you can see my method and follow my argument. Secretly, every blogger hopes their particular style and content reaches and impresses everyone possible. There are only very few people who don’t want to be recognized, but they are suffering from a very special brand of narcissism – arguable, I agree, but not the issue here. Narcissistic fantasy, i.e. hope, is an anthropological constant. It is such a constant that we can’t survive without. The Internet, and the blogosphere in particular, are simply a new domain to extend it to.

2. What’s the one post you’d like new readers to see and remember you by?

What do you want to be your legacy? What do you want to make that will survive you, make history, let you live forever in the memory of human kind? Again, there are very few people who don’t want people to know or don’t care to make an impact on the world they live in. The thing about the internet, and the blogosphere, is, that any post could be the one. What does that mean for me? Every post I write, I do in the hope that it goes viral. Does that make me a narcissist? Yes, but not in the literal sense of making. It only proves that I am one. Does it make me MORE of a narcissist? My friends haven’t complained yet. My family hasn’t, either. And I don’t have any enemies whom I consult for personality tips or don’t ignore should they ever give them to me. Well, I don’t have enemies that I know of, anyway. Back on the topic, I can’t exactly make myself the sole example and subject of this research. I would like everybody to write in the comment about the item or deed they would like to be remembered by, that may be of more value for actually answering this question than my ramblings.

3. Write that post

Ok, now we’re letting the dogs out. As I’ve mentioned, every post I write is THAT post. The only thing special about this post is, that I am writing about the post that may or may not make me super famous – at least, my pseudonym. I couldn’t tell if I am putting more or less effort into this than into any other post. Probably not; mostly because I am f-ing lazy. But I know a lot of people who work on most tasks with varying effort, and that pretending that they might be working on their masterpiece would drive them to extraordinary efforts, despite the chances of it actually happening. But, that doesn’t make social media special. In fact, it makes social media even more general. And bite me, by my understanding of narcissism, that makes us more narcissistic: With social media, everybody is more prone to the illusion of sudden fame, except for those who have been caught up in it before they came in contact with [social media].

QNED [Quod non erat demonstrandum, this is the exact opposite of what I wanted to prove]


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