Dragon Hunter

Michaelis sat at the counter across from the scribe, who was finishing up the forms from the previous candidate. He filed them, and gave them to his assistant “Drawer 27”. Then he looked at Michaelis, a broad-shouldered, but not tall man, clad in scale armor made of hardened Salamandra leather, riveted with silver to hold the enchantments of fire protection, an ebony longbow with a bowstring of Unicorn Hair across his back and a Mithral Dagger on his belt.

“Another Dragon Hunter. Name?”




“Date of Birth”

“57th of the Summer, 31st year in the Reign of Baltor II”

“Thought so, a Potamian, and a bastard at that. The 31st was also the last year of Baltor II, so you must be 24 years now, true?”


“Academy or private training?”


“Royal or Merchant academy?”


“So, you’re the bastard of some noble? Which one?”

“Not one that ever acknowledged me”

“Be that as it may, we are fighting Potamia in this war, why would you join us?”

“Money. Need there be another reason?”

“Maybe you are a Potamian spy”

“Maybe I am a Potamian exile”

“And why should I believe you?”

Michaelis pulls a sheet of paper from his belt pouch. The frayed paper shows a sketch of him and a number: 10000


“Do you have a permanent residence in our land?”

“I can be found at the Drakeling Inn, outside of Swara. The bounty hunter’s belongings weren’t enough for a better place”

“What career path would you take?”

“I am a warrior. What else would I do but fight?”

“We will send copies of your file to our generals and mercenary corps. Here are 5 gold to keep you over until anyone contacts you. If this doesn’t happen within a fortnight, come back here so we can talk alternatives. Next please”

Michaelis rose from the stool, while the scribe finished his forms and gave them to his assistant. “Drawer 27”. Another man in leather scales with a longbow and a dagger sat at the counter, though his gear wasn’t of the same quality as Michaelis’.

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