You know all those movies and series where people with super powers save the world time and again, well, Alphas gives you a pretty good idea what it would look like if there really were people with super powers. Dr. Rosen, a regular dude with a degree in psychology, leads a group of people with special powers from a secret government organization within the DoD to find and apprehend dangerous people with alpha abilities, a.k.a. super powers. What he doesn’t know is what happens to the alphas he and his team apprehends for the government: They are stuck into a top security medical facility, and we all know what happens in places with names like that: experiments!

Dr. Rosen is pretty upset with what the government does, but he also has an arch-nemesis, Stanton Parish, a soldier from the civil war, who found out he was immortal when he survived a bullet to the head. This Mr. P., as I will refer to him from now on, is pretty upset with how ordinary people suppress the Alphas, and plans to extinguish the human race, save Alphas, because he doesn’t find a peaceful way to resolve the problem. So, Dr. Rosen needs to stick with the government for its resources to fight the Mr. P. threat, but at some time he gives them a big headache at the end of season 1 by revealing the existence of Alphas to the general public.

Not to spoil the fun of you watching this series, I’ll just tell you that Rosen and Mr. P. go head to head in the end. While part of the message of season 1 is that the government can’t be trusted, season 2 says you need to stick with it for better, and the very worst.


6 thoughts on “Alphas

  1. It’s funny, I’m a big fan of superhero movies, and yet not really interested in shows with characters with super abilities. Years ago, I tried watching Mutant X and some other show I forgot about, but I didn’t watch past a few episodes. Then I watched Heroes for a few seasons and lost interest after some time, when it stopped making sense. More recently, I watched No Ordinary Family because Julie Benz was in it, but I lost interest as well. Did you watch any of these? What did you think?

    And now, I keep hearing about Alphas and I want to try it, which probably has a lot to do with the fact that Summer Glau and Callum Keith Rennie are in a few episodes… Well, maybe when I’m done watching Community.

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