Probably the most famous prison in the US, it also harbors a dark secret, which has died with the series. Seriously? Yup, like so many shows with promise, Alcatraz went down before its time.

So, people from the 60’s, some inmates, other guards, an Indian psychiatrist and a weird doctor, all from the Rock, are reappearing, one of them – hold on – the grandfather of the protagonist, a female cop. From flashbacks we know that the warden was somehow involved in the entire affair, and that Hauser, the leader of the secret investigator team, knew this was all going to happen, but not when. Also, there seem to have been other gruesome experiments performed on the inmates, mainly because some kind of silver complex in their blood has weird medical properties.

Another interesting character is Dr. Soto, who runs a comic book store and is the foremost exert on Alcatraz and its inmates. The female cop, Madsen by name, gets him involved in this thing, and he finds out that all he thought he knew about Alcatraz and its inmates was only half of the truth. Since he’s really, REALLY fat, he doesn’t seem to fit on a team with a cold hearted old secret prison guard turned investigator and a pretty blond cop, but he actually rocks pretty good with them.

I would have recommended this series for watching, if it hadn’t been cancelled, because not knowing is really frustrating, especially when they’ve really put a good effort into the characters on the show. Fox just ain’t interested in shows with round characters and interesting development.


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