What are you most proud of?

Of the 7 deadly sins, pride is the only one I am not guilty of. I haven’t had any major achievements in my life, except for getting this far. Sure, I was a promising athlete when I was younger, but aside from being lazy and undisciplined, I was also very ill at a critical stage in my potential athletic career. My high school grades went from outstanding to normal (except for math and science), some even bad, so I graduated with a mediocre score. I never really had a job, only did some work in the shipping department of the company where my dad worked before he became a teacher. I don’t have an academic degree, though I still intend to get my bachelor’s in Anthropology. I’m not proud of having been born in any specific country, even if it is the US of A; growing up in Germany can make one very anti-nationalistic. I’m certainly not proud of how much I can drink before I pass out, which is a lot; I certainly have a reputation there, and I’m trying to… well, what do you do with a reputation you don’t want to have anymore? My natural gifts and abilities are also nothing to be proud of, tremendous as they may be, but it’s nothing I can take credit for – it’s in the very definition of natural that I didn’t have to do anything to get them.

All I have to be proud of is my blog, right now. I hope my book will entitle me to some pride, and the following books. Maybe I’ll have a family of my own to be proud of; who knows?


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