What are your weaknesses or things you think you need to work on?

I am lazy, undisciplined, and I procrastinate. I think those three things are connected to each other. Writing a post a day is a step in the right direction, but it’s far from enough. I am also not a good saver. When I have money, I spend it. When there is food, I eat it. I easily get caught up in things, I am highly enthusiastic when there is something new, but I quickly grow bored; I’d say that is also a discipline issue. I am spiteful, in a refined manner, but spiteful nonetheless, and irascible, but I’ve got that under control in most situations. What I really can and need to work on is my lack of discipline. If I can get my discipline up and running, I might get the laziness and procrastinating under control. That means, I need to get organized, but I mustn’t over-organize, for that may be a means of procrastinating. Realistic goals, doable tasks, building a routine. I am also easily distracted. Have I mentioned unpredictable, yet? I am also rather moody. I am also incurably curious. I also do a lot of smartassing and bullshitting, often too much. I would like to eradicate deceptiveness entirely, but sometimes I find it is not only practical, but necessary to not tell the truth (does this make me look fat?)


7 thoughts on “What are your weaknesses or things you think you need to work on?

    1. … damn you WordPress commenting system! It must be the third time I post an unfinished comment on this blog – sorry :/ Anyway, where was I… Oh, yes.
      Blogging each day is a good way to challenge your usual laziness and lack of discipline; it’s a small step, but, you know, it doesn’t take a major change to move on.
      I read it takes 21 days for a change in one’s life to become part of one’s routine; how many days has it been since you started blogging daily?
      At least you know your weaknesses, and this self-awareness is actually a strength.

      1. I think it definitely has become a routine… I had about half an hour’s time to squeeze in today’s pride text after breakfast and before we took off to lunch in town and a looooong walk by the riverside with the relatives from the US, but I knew I had to do it and I totally wanted it, too

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