What are your strengths or those characteristics about yourself that you like?

I’m not good at talking about my strengths; nor am I good at writing about them. We were taught humility, and we were taught it so much that we even doubt our strengths. I’m quite sure that is when a strength turns into a weakness. I do tend to think that my niceness is the result of a strength, and an admirable characteristic not only in myself, but in anyone whom I encounter.

Strengths cannot exist without weaknesses. Courage is naught if not for fear. Humans start out with weaknesses; they become strengths when we work on them. Of course, these weaknesses are tied to natural gifts and traits. I am impulsive and irascible. Well, that was, until I learned how to handle myself. I am friendly and controlled, but I can stand up for myself. The second comes naturally, the first is acquired. Sometimes I lose control, but only under extreme circumstances; that’s when bad things might happen. One thing I don’t like to remember is, that I was afraid of everything when I was a kid. Now I fear nothing. Well, I wasn’t ever in the situation where a loaded and unsecured gun was pointed at me by a maniac, but I think I stand a chance of not freaking out. I am highly intelligent, and that is one of the few things other people give me credit for, what I had to work on was my arrogance. It would be arrogant to say that I have that covered, but c’mon, a guy needs to feed his ego somewhere ;). Oh yes, humor and glibness, saying the right stuff at the right moment. I wasn’t always like that, either. I tend to overthink many situations, which is extremely detrimental to those two strengths, so I had to build a repertoire of things to say, and drink lots of alcohol to say them in public. After years of practice, I had built a vast repertoire of cultural references and the like to improvise in most situations, and I can do it sober! Emotional resilience is a characteristic I built over a long time as well, by observing how other people always felt miserable for mistakes they couldn’t have avoided. Knowing that there was no benefit in constantly being unhappy, and internalizing that knowledge did the trick for me, though I realize that I was never pathologically unhappy, a.k.a. clinically depressed and/or anxious. I once heard someone say, that different personalities are formed because people break differently, very much like bottles do. Unlike bottles, however, people and personalities can mend, or else we wouldn’t be able to function after the second of our thousands of brakes. Very much like a bone, if the brake isn’t too bad and the mending is good, the person emerges stronger. I digress. More on tomorrow’s post, at what I still need to work on, because that’s where I’d be digressing to.

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