What do you believe?

Talking, or writing, about my own beliefs, has never been easy for me. I used to believe in many things, and I still do. When I mentioned in my previous post that I have a broad knowledge base, then the knowledge is actually conclusions from a set of assumptions that I believe to be true. Some of these assumptions are inconsequential to my life, or at least not directly consequential, while others are so fundamental that I better be right, or else I am SoL, and I am not entirely sure which assumptions are consequential or not, as this distinction is based on the verity of the assumptions in the first place.

Take, for instance, my belief in god, or actually, my lack thereof. If I am right, then it is of absolutely no importance whether I believe or not. If I’m not, I am quite sure to wander in Limbo after my death until Judgment Day; according to Dante’s Inferno, I wouldn’t go to hell, because I would still be a virtuous infidel. Even though it seems rational to believe in God, by this line of argumentation, I also find it cowardly to believe for that reason; It’s not even really believing! It’s not why my faith has faltered, either, as I do remember believing in God a long time ago; or was I believing in my parents, and extending that to my faith in God? That is but another conclusion of assumptions, where I choose to believe in science, psychology in this case. For most parts, it is inconsequential to me whether many scientific theories are true or not; the effects of the universe imploding will not be felt until long after the human race has died out or evolved into something different. Others, like medical science, are constantly developing new methods to possibly extend my life at a higher quality, or social and economic sciences, where theories and models are developed to determine how the world might be made a different place, for better or worse.

The most important thing I believe is that humans can change, as an individual and as a whole, and that we can make it better. I believe that everybody can contribute to this. I believe that ultimately, everything we do matters, even if it is only in a very small way. Maybe I have to believe it, or else I couldn’t go on. With writing, and with living.


3 thoughts on “What do you believe?

  1. Having religious belief can be a good thing, as it helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel in dark times, and also encourages you to help others. You see this from people who have had hard times, and when they make it through them they feel more obliged to help others going through it.

    But, as with all things, it can also go the other way and make people do terrible things (genocides, persecution). It almost universally comes back to a selfish power-grab.

    Religion, for better or worse, is a coping mechanism for humanity when things are out of your control.

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