What are you passionate about?

Things I am passionate about

· Music

· Acting

· Cats

· Cooking

I love to sing. I even sang opera once; not professionally, but in an amateur theater. I also played the cello when I was younger. When I listen to music, I am not simply pouring tunes into my ears, I am actually listening. Even without lyrics, music “speaks” – one of the reasons why I don’t consider most Hip-Hop trax music, it’s just so damned monotonous; I said most, so hold your horses. I also have issues taking people serious who wear their undies around their knees. I digress.

Acting goes hand in hand with music, as my most important acting gig was also the opera. I also do some extras in local movies, but I mostly do that for the social component and for self-presentation. What I really am passionate about is improvisation theater, from classical stage improvisation to the modern, secluded role-playing games. Of the latter, I only pursue the pen and paper variant, and the single player computer RPG’s. MMORPG’s are simply too impersonal. I know it because I tried it. Once you’re used to the intensity of the stage, an RP server on WoW just doesn’t cut it. Before I forget it, play by post RPG’s are fun because you can write pretty much anything you want as long as you stay in character, but that is more about writing than acting, which is an intellectual endeavor for me.

Cats. Nothing beats cats. They’re just so cuddly, and cute, and cute, and cuddly. I’m the cat, gotta love me!

Cooking and eating, actually. I can compose entire meals in my mind. That doesn’t automatically mean they pan out the way I plan, but I am quite adept at saving them when something goes wrong, and saving them in a way that makes them taste good, too. Eating is fun, and what is more fun than just having fun? Helping other people to some fun!

So, why didn’t I write anything about writing? Or politics, religion, and society? I am passionate about those, but they are not personal; They are intellectual passions, write and talk and read about them all the time, and doing so again in this post would simply be redundant. If you want to read about my stance on those things, read my posts Rebel and Atheism, Ethics and Tolerance, or Potentials.


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