I have been, and always will be, a rebel.

How we live does not matter, as long as we choose our life style and can do so unhindered. This also implies that we do not infringe others with our life style, but as long as we remain passive, major frictions should be avoidable. In a perfect world, our economic and social system would be perfectly permeable, or in laymen’s terms, we would all be living the American Dream, with the ability to advance from dishwasher to CEO if we only work hard enough, or to live simply by producing art. Notice how I say “work” and “produce”. In a perfect world, there would be no parasites; everybody would pull their weight, but it would be on their own accord. Of course, who a parasite is, is not up to me to decide, but we’re talking about a perfect world here.

This slogan, however, is not dependent on whether the world is perfect or not. It is a law. Not a law as it is written in lawyer’s textbooks, but a law in the natural sense. Because the West systematically disrespects the rest of the World, the rest of the World resists the West. The religious conflict is only on the surface, though publicly making fun of a religious figure is not helping; They wouldn’t bomb embassies, however, if the West hadn’t bombed their homes. Yeah, the West wouldn’t have bombed their homes if they hadn’t destroyed our Money Penis 11 years ago, but they hadn’t done that if their homes hadn’t been the battlefield of the cold war (which was pretty hot for them), they the pawns of the red and the white player. Did I mention this wasn’t a perfect world?

OWS and the Arab Spring were a consequence of the same law. And everything is moving faster, due to the internet and social media, a.k.a. global interconnectedness.

And everybody can resist. You don’t need to be a suicide bomber to make your point; quite the contrary, as M. Gandhi and M.L. King have demonstrated. I would also like to credit George Orwell for his book 1984, which may be a reason why we don’t live in the society it depicts.

Image: 9GAG

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