Creativity in Solitude

It’s how I work. I need to be alone to write. When there are people around, I do other important stuff, like socializing. It’s one of the reasons why I’m a night sider. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve been staying with my best buddy, who isn’t home from 8 AM till 8 PM and is usually too tired to do anything after 10 pm, thus my regularly high turnout of posts. I really noticed a significant break-in of my posting habits when he called in sick for the past 2 days. He really was sick, it’s the season; he’ll be back at work tomorrow, he’s already doing much better.

There can be people around, I just mustn’t know anyone. If I know someone, or if I’d like to get to know someone, I am far too interested in what they are doing. I call it my receptive mode. Maybe, during the receptive mode, I will get an idea to work over in my creative mode, when I’m left to myself; albeit, that won’t happen until I am alone. Even if the person I am in a room with is paying me no attention, I am easily distracted by what they are doing.

So, I simply smeared this post in my outbox while my buddy was in the shower. We are meeting a friend at the movie theater in half an hour to see Merida – princess of Scotland. Cya!


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