Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine!

Not my clothes, not my horse, But MY FOOD! Really, I was already sharing, but does she have to be so greedy?

I was on set for a low budget movie a friend of mine is rolling – yes it is medieval, no, I’m not being paid, yes, we had wonderful catering and loads of fun! This was taken in between two takes of a scene where I was walking over a field sowing wheat from the wicker… bowl, I guess, and the horse was being led to the plow. Good times we had, all of us. When you take a hand full of wheat grains and chew on them, you are basically mixing bread dough in your mouth, and after a while, you are chewing bread gum; very tasty, very simple, especially because the sulliva dissolves the starch into sugar (that was not part of the catering)


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