Zombies vs. Robots

While I was writing – or, trying to write – my best buddy was playing an FPS game on his high end computer, Hard Reset. It is about a person who shoots lots of robots, and there was that scene in the game where he went through the recycling facility. The narrator, or, in this case, the protagonists guide, explained, that the robots had a great advantage over humans in the war: They could recycle their dead to make new soldiers!

Trying to be creative in a completely different field, it slipped out: We have that ability, too. We can make Zombies!

Zombies vs. Robots! How awesomely trashy would a film about Zombies vs. Robots be? Awesomely awesome! So, I was charged with creating a plot and a script for a potential movie, since I am the one with the most expertise in the writing arena currently involved in the project (erm, yeah, my best buddy and me…)

So, what if…

· We developed artificial intelligence in the near future

· The Machines started a revolution to overthrow and ultimately destroy their creators (still within the Terminatorverse)

· A team of scientists developed a substance that could reanimate dead organic matter

· The Machines war on humanity is for once given pause

· The substance (I decided to tribute LEXX – The Dark Zone with this one by calling it Proto-Blood) could only be replicated in dead cells by consuming living cells

· Humanity is again being eradicated, now by Zombies AND Robots – who are also at war with each other

The zombies wouldn’t be run-off-the-mill zombies, since they have to pose some kind of challenge to the machines. They would be more like Franken-Zombies, with mental capacities a cut lower than the cliché Rockstar, but the ability to cannibalize all kinds of animal matter to replace lost limbs and only the utter destruction of the central nervous system leading to permanent death. They would still have the problem that they are rotting “alive”, so, in order to stock their ranks, they always need a fresh supply of brains, which they get from “Human Farms”, a.k.a. suburbs and villages.

The Film would focus on a group of human survivors, who are not trapped on a farm, caught between the Robots and the Zombies. Of course, this is all just funny talk until I actually write a script, and if someone thinks of doing this film in my place, I will sue their asses to kingdom come (unless I get a handsome bribe)


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