Killer Mood

Yes, this is supposed to remind you of Mood Killers. Haven’t read it?

So, I watched Resident Evil: Retribution, and I didn’t like it. If you have finally read Mood Killers, you might ask: Why not? Lots of fighting, explosions, more fighting, blood, gore, kick-ass moves and finally more fighting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like the triple repetition of fighting disturbs me, nor the blood, gore and kick-ass moves. The film actually lacks story! Sure, they explain in an intro how all of it happened, but that’s not story, that’s recap. Story is what makes sense of all the fighting, exploding, blood and gore. If I had paid attention, I might have found all 500 spoken words throughout the film. They are hidden really well, A tell’ya!

So, It’s also been nearly a week ago since I watched that flick, the reason why I am only posting this now is because my best buddy and I organized a trash film party for last weekend. Hold on there! Trash. Film. Party. Lots of films with a sporadic story tying random scenes of randomness together, mostly female nudity, violence and probably drug induced weirdness. How is that any different from what I described was the problem with Resident Evil: Retribution?

Trash films are not trying to be taken seriously. They are, in their own manner, quite funny. I didn’t get that impression with Resident Evil: Retribution. Trash films make fun of exactly those kinds of films. Watching Resident Evil: Retribution was like watching someone else playing a video game. SO LAME! Uwe Boll makes better video game inspired movies on a daily basis (he actually made one really hilariously good one)


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