Addictive Award


The Rules

  • Write a post and start by thanking the person who nominated you. Be sure you link to them, too.
  • Share a little something about why you blog (i.e. your blogging journey).
  • Paste the Addictive Blog Award on your front page.
  • Nominate ten blogs that you are addicted to, link to them in your post and then let each of them know—when you do, be sure to give them the link to the post you just wrote!

Following the Rules

  • For my very first award nomination, I would like to thank S1ngal. I love her blog; her posts lift my spirit on a regular basis, so now I’ll lift my spirits to her!
  • My mind may be a vast container full of ideas and memories and lots of nuts (really, lots of nuts), but it is heavily encrypted. My blog is an attempt to decrypt some of the content, and so far it turns out to be weird, but harmless, and mostly funny.
  • I’ll post it ASAP
  • in no particular order:

I’d love to nominate s1ngal and one of the others (that raving lunatic she follows) she’s nominated, but that would be quite redundant. I hope I will think to add 3 more to my nominee list as soon as I am addicted to them. Those whom I have nominated will read from me soon!

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