5 thoughts on “500

  1. Congratulations!
    I should reach 30 posts within the next 2 weeks but I’m way behind you in terms of view (only 108 so far)
    Do you have a goal to reach in terms of number of posts / views?

    1. not really, I just thought it was cool that my 30th post would be about my 500th view. If only I knew who did the view…

      you’ve also been inactive for about 2 years, right? People need to find you again before your views pick up. Writing challenges also help with that, and obviously, community awards 😉

      -fixed your comment accident 🙂

      1. Yes, it’s like I’m starting a new blog, and I don’t think I had any viewers 2 years ago. I’m mostly writing for myself anyway, not looking for views. I keep an eye on challenges but haven’t found one I wanted to do, so far; maybe the next?

        And I’d like to discover new blogs and become part of the blogging community but my main concern right now is to write and post more regularly, which is partially what “Ten days of Firefly” is aiming at.

        But projects like this one take time, like language learning posts… I need to write faster, to manage my time more efficiently, that’s my goal right now. Do you have one, besides “decrypting your mind’s content” ?

        Thanks for the fix! (no drugs involved)

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