Judgement Day

You know how attributes are relative, especially when you are describing yourself. When you say you are tolerant, you are just as tolerant as you think you need to be, which is measured in relation to what other people are and what is culturally acceptable. In our western culture, tolerance is always with a capital T, maybe even caps lock. Another such attribute would be judgmental.

I’m not very judgmental. I like to think that. I don’t go up to people and tell them that I think they’re doing something bad or wrong, as long as they’re not affecting me.

Of course, that’s all bollocks.

We can’t help it. We judge all the time. We’re wired that way. We can’t help it. Our very first, and the most simplest judgment, is found in a button of our social networks: Like. It’s very straight-forward and binary. We like it, or we don’t. We don’t think much ‘bout it when we select the option. In this, it is a rather harmless reflection of an evolutionary beneficial ability of our species. We can judge in the blink of an eye whether there are beneficial outcomes to a situation that involves a multitude of factors that are beyond analysis. It is really secondary if our assessment of the situation is correct, as long as we call our judgment in time.

What has helped us in prehistoric times for our survival has become quite unacceptable in our civilized society. Not in all regards, but in significant regards. Our lives have become so complicated, that blink-of-an-eye assessments don’t cut it anymore. And hopefully, they’re very rarely necessary to ensure our survival. Well, when we are driving a car, there is a very high rate of necessary judgment calls, a.k.a. reflexes, but I digress.

So, when we say we are not judgmental, we actually mean we are good at biting our tongues and waiting for some more indicators. We postpone our final judgment. The longer it takes someone to categorize a person in a binary matrix (good/evil, likeable/repulsive etc.), the less judgmental they are. I’m narrowing the topic down to people, because situations are still rather straight-forward. Judgment is passed, nonetheless.

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