Open Mouth Syndrome

It’s what I have. Not because my jaw drops in awe all the time; also, I am a nose breather. It’s because wherever I am, I strike up conversation. Especially when I travel, which is why I like travelling so much. I have also become very good at finding marks for conversation quickly and with good precision. When I’m not talking to more or less random people on the train or my driver or other passengers in car sharing, it is usually because they are being unresponsive. Even on the Airplane I have a high tendency to neglect the digital entertainment devices for a good talk.

Not so much while I was travelling in Russia on the plane. I did talk to another man in the baggage line when I left St. Petersburg for Nizhniy Novgorod, but on the plane it was like the passengers shrank away from me. I try not to look intimidating with my size, which usually works out just fine once people hear my voice. Well, it wasn’t like I could have had a decent conversation, me with my still rudimentary Russian language skills. Maybe it was because I hadn’t slept in a long while, and I do look rather grim when I’m tired.

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