Challenge: Analysis

Whenever I am threatened by writer’s block, I simply analyze what may be the cause of it; this is pretty much a generic approach to solving any problem, so it’s usually nothing special. Why is it so special when it comes to writer’s block, special enough to write about? I don’t have a clue. My first guess would be that a problem is best solved in the medium in which it occurs. Lipophiles to fat, hydrophiles to water, bibliophiles to books. Of course, there are a few misnomers, e.g. pedophiles don’t belong with children, but with prisons; I digress.

Analyzing serves the purpose of determining the source of the problem, in order to remove this source; this is only logical, as Mr. Pointy would say, and he has a point. What are the most common reasons I can think of for writer’s block?

1. I don’t have an Idea.

This is not the most common problem I encounter, but by far the hardest to counter. Why so? I can’t just sit around and wish for an idea. What are ideas made of, anyway? Well, they are thoughts, and we are hardly the authors of our thoughts. Everything we think is a reaction to our sensual input or an evaluation of previous thoughts, which means a lot of digging in memories, i.e. stored combined sensual, emotional and contextual information. Often enough, an Idea is stimulated by association of memories and current input. This sounds very dry, but I am currently lacking an idea for an example. Suffice it to say, it is practically impossible to control. Have enough stimulating stuff around, it increases the statistical chance for an idea.

2. I have an Idea, but my inner censor says no.

You may not think that would be a problem for me, seeing all the garbage I write on this site, but it is indeed high quality garbage. If I simply wrote down what I thought every morning at 1 PM, you’d only be reading stuff like grobeldobel. That was the transcription of a non-verbal, uncensored thought I had just that instant, while I was writing. Fact: A lot of my thoughts are non-verbal, as I recon it is the case with most people. I rarely think verbally until I consider saying or writing something; many of my considerations for speaking and writing are vetoed by my inner censor, mostly because I would think hearing or reading them would make me sound moronic. But the inner censor can be overridden, as example grobeldobel has proven; it just takes courage, lack of self-consciousness or – CENSORED – .

3. I’m too f’ing lazy

This is severe. I love writing, but there are lots of things I’d rather do at many moments, like watching videos of cats, playing computer games filled with blood, gore and other adult scenes or meeting with friends for a drink or ten. Luckily, my brain manages to supply me with ideas that I know I would regret to waste if I didn’t write them down sometime soon. There’s plenty of things I could do, like schedule my writing, setting ultimatums for posts and chapters and sh*t like that; but you see, the problem is, I’m too f’ing lazy to do something about my laziness

Final Question: What does this garbage have to do with the DP Writing Challenge?

Answer: I sent it from my MS Office to my Post by Email

P.S.: And I do hope I got the shortcode right

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