Bits and pieces

I don’t eactly remember when or why I wanted to become a writer. What I do know is that it happened in stages. Not htat I could identify them. I remember my first fantastic essay. When I say my, I don’t mean the ones we had to do for homework, I mean one that came solely from my intention to write. Back then it was Jules Verne who inspired me. I had just finished reading the journey to the center of the world. Accordingly, my first essay was an adventure story, featuring me, my best school buddy, and my brother. The tools I gave us were the improved versions of gadgets the famous “Q” devised for James Bond, when it was Roger Moore, and some Sean Connery.

My writing skills dried up when I changed schools at the age of 11. My new teachers were not at all interested in my artistic development. It was all about structure and realism for them, and you know how straight F’s can cripple a child’s self esteem. It didn’t get better in school. Except for one year, 11th grade that was. I had a teacher then who would make you think of Dead Poet’s Society. I almost got an A in that year’s literature class on the report card. Still, getting a B+ beat a D- as I did all those years before, and it really got me back to developing the literation of my imagination. But then it was nothing more than a hobby. After all, I was about to become a physicist!

Physics didn’t work for me. Actually, it was math. Good in school, sucking at it in Uni. I balanced at the edge of the cliff for a while there, until I quit physics. Then, one night, I had been writing a report for an internship I was doing at a workshop for people with mental disabilities, and I dreamt of something I wanted to write about. A Sci-Fi espionage thriller. I don’t know why my subconscious was opening portals to other dimensions in an abandoned Russian nuclear facility, but it gave me the incentive to start writing again. and that would be the Stadium I am in now, trying to suck everything up about human behaviour, expressions, customs and fears. It is why I started studying cultural anthropology. I guess, the best parts of my inspiration to become a writer are Jules Verne, George Lucas and Joss Whedon.

5 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. The last two words. I’ve almost ashamed that I never read A Journey to the Center of the Earth but at least I’ve seen all of Whedon’s TV series. The’re still hope for me, I guess 😉

    Did you start that “Sci-Fi espionage thriller”?

    1. I didn’t start that thriller, no, but it kicked me off to a lot of things. The book I am writing now is set in a world I created to accomodate that story, along with an entire RPG I designed. I might get back to that one, though, if I ever manage to recall that dream, probably with tons of psychoactive substances

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