Home, to the Land over the Rainbow

So, I arrived in Germany, and lady luck was smiling on me from the first moment on. I was a little anxious that I wouldn’t make my train at 7.06 to Wurzburg, since my plain arrived at 6.20, but when I arrived at the information desk, I learned that it had been cancelled completely.  I didn’t even have to throw a tantrum to get a new connection – I got to ride the ICE from Frankfurt to Nuremburg! This is totally awesome! Regrettably, the train was approximately 10 minutes late, and 30 minutes late in Nuremburg, but I got to talk to a very nice Chinese girl, who’s Email address I now have, and also a German girl who converted to Islam, with whom I had a very interesting conversation about emotional conditioning meditation. Across from us sat a young girl from Azerbaijan, who is headed to Munich to complete her training as a medical specialist. Even after I left Russia, I got the chance to practice my Russian. Back to the Airport – thematically. It is the first time I used my German passport to enter Schengen territory. I didn’t have to hand my passport to anyone. I simply scanned away, it checked my face digitally, and after 5 seconds I was ready to head over to the baggage claiming area, just to wait for quarter of an hour to pick up my backpack.

Interestingly enough, I can smell that I’m not in Russia anymore. No more unfiltered diesel fumes, I guess. It was the first thing I smelled when I stepped from the plane in Нижний, and the first thing I missed when I arrived in Frankfurt. Of course, it is good that pollution is in check in Germany, but it’s just not the same creative atmosphere. If you get the impression that my posts are becoming duller, well, that may just be the reason…


2 thoughts on “Home, to the Land over the Rainbow

  1. It’s not just unfiltered diesel fumes, it is also the use of leaded gasoline which has been outlawed in Germany for about 15 years – and much longer ago in the US. Then there is a slightly sweet smell of decay, the source of which I couldn’t guess.

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