Get a Job, Punk!

I didn’t like the newest Plinky prompt, something about my worst classroom experiences or that kind of shit. THAT’S BETWEEN ME AND MY THERAPIST! If I ever go to one. Since I don’t want to dwell on painful childhood memories or try and imagine some just to shock my beloved readers, I decided to have a look at some of the older questions and pick one to answer for you, instead. There were some very intriguing questions to answer, like “What industry shoved you into the work force”, or “If you were a famous Rapper, who would be in your posse”. Please. Industry, Workforce? I worked one or two months in the shipping department of a leather company, but ultimately, I am an academic. I am not part of any workforce! And Rapper????? Why would I want to be a rapper, I’m a happy Heavy Metal fan! So, I chose to focus on answering this question: When did I realize that I was a grownup?

Well, it definitely wasn’t when i got my drivers license. It also wasn’t when I had my first beer, which was a considerable time before I got my license. When I fell in love for the first time? I was 7 then, and she was 21. No, nothing happened. It also wasn’t when I had my first girlfriend. I was basically just a kid then, rebelling against the churches authority over my soul by praising the antichrist. I wasn’t even a good satanist. I never sacrificed any chickens, dogs or whatever else might be suitable (never cats!). Sex also didn’t change that. I was still as irresponsible before as after. There. I’ve touched something. Responsibility. I am not entirely responsible for all of my actions. Of course, I am mentally capable of taking that responsibility; after all, I am not mentally deficient (at least I don’t think so). But I don’t have a real job, so daddy still bails me out of my financial f*ckups. My dad paid for my trip to Russia. I am, by law, an adult, but really, could I have realized it yet? I’m just a kid with a very big and expensive playground. Sure, it means I can still play around and be creative. Does an artist ever really grow up?


7 thoughts on “Get a Job, Punk!

  1. I’m glad you never sacrificed cats.

    I don’t want to sound like a Whedon fangirl but I’ll have to quote Firefly:
    Fess: “Aren’t I supposed to be a man now?”
    Inara: “A man is just a boy who’s old enough to ask that question.”

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