Sea or Sky?

To answer this question, I really need to find out what sea or sky mean to me… or anyone, actually. The first thing I can think of relating to both objects is freedom. Flying is a very deep rooted expression of freedom, to be free of earth’s grasp, which furthermore means freedom from death and the tomb. But, eventually, we need to return to the earth, all of us, and while I share no such fear, the fear of flying is rather common, more so than the fear of spiders, bugs, snakes and germs combined and probably just as common as the fear of rodents. This is because people like to feel like they are in control, and the aeroplane is one of the places people enter willingly with the least measure of control.

Life at the sea on the other hand conjurs a different notion of freedom. Mostly, people think of the pirate’s life, thanks to the many pirate movies we’ve been watching in recent years. These are short-paced lives, and often cut short, but that’s what adventures are about, right? There is no freedom in being an outcast, though. The compromise would be a fisherman or a sea trader, of which the latter occasionally have to defend themselves against pirates, but the sea is just as unforgiving in it’s moods.

I personally ask: Why choose, and not present an alternative? How about Outer Space? You are beyond the sky, but still you are navigating a ship – unless you are on guard duty, scrubbing the hallways, fixing the bio-filters or being ejected from an airlock…


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