Russia III

Very early, tomorrow morning, I am flying from Нижний to Frankfurth. This will be my last post from Russia. Well, I do intend to return to Russia, but it might be a while. I have seen a lot here, not close to what can be seen – I don’t think any one person on their own could ever see all there is to see in any country. We’d have to live for, oh, at least a thousand years for such a feat. What I mean to say is, with Russia I might give it a try nonetheless. For a short recap: I arrived in Нижний  on August 9th early in the morning, where I was lead around town for a while for sightseeing; you know, they have a Кремль in Нижний, too, so on the news, they should really mention that they mean the Кремль in Москва. I saw that one, too. On the 14th, I took the train to Москва. On the train I started writing Russia I, though it was only after my friend asked me to edit his blog that I started my own, since I thought I might have something to tell the world, too. This is also what I meant when I told my host in Санкт Петербург, that spendig time in Russia changes people. I wanted to become a writer for a long time, but I could never get any regular writing practise. A blog is perfect for writing practise, especially for people like me. People like me meaning poeple with a disposition to slack around. But the feelings of reward every time I see that more and more people are visiting my blog more than keep me going. My brother went to Russia before me, and it changed him as well. In the beginning, the change was positive. He returned with a life force which we thought no man could ever have. But his heart was quite literally broken, and him with it. I hope I can keep the strength this trip has given me. I’ll write again ASAP after I land in Frankfurth, or, more likely, as soon as I arrive in my home town. Unlike Russia, there is no free Internet anywhere in Germany.


One thought on “Russia III

  1. I, too, have been to Russia – more than fifty times, but always short trips about a week at a time. And it was on business. I was an adventure every time. I can attest to the fact that a trip to Russia can change the way you see yourself and the the world.

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