A new DP challe…

A new DP challenge ahead, about my most prized possession. I have never been one to hold on to things. I’ve got some clothes I really like. My Netbook, from which I am writing now, is excluded by definition of the challenge. My parents’ house, I guess, the old VW Transporter that I know every sound of. Maybe my Abitur report card. School wasn’t all bad for me. I used to like to learn. But I don’t handle my report card all too often. I hold on to my birthday presents for a while, a year or two, maybe three, and with that I am circling back to my clothes. The only concrete Item that doesn’t only trigger shallow emotions and recent memories is my body. My body remembers everything I’ve ever done, and it will do so even when my conscious memory fails, due to consumption of alcohol, if ever I suffer serious head trauma, or if I live to become senile. I’ve got a scar on my left middle finger from cutting bread at a birthday party. Since I had already had quite a lot to drink, it also bled quite a lot. There’s also a scar on my lower back from when a chair broke under my weight at another party. I broke both my arms, the right arm when I was 12, the left arm when I was 13. I recovered fully from those injuries, only my left wrist is a little unstable. Both of my arms were dislocated when I was skiing in the Alps; ever since I can pop them out of their sockets at will. My chest is slightly scarred from puberty ackne. My right leg is heavily scarred from a genetic blood clotting dysfunction. The subcutaneous scarring below my left eye will always remind me of the time when I sang opera at the amateur theater. The night before the premiere, I tripped and kissed the floor at high velocity. Luckily, no bones were broken, or else 6 weeks of rehearsal would have been in vain. Sometimes, my back hurts from a sleighing accident I had when I was 9. A burn scar on my hip reminds me that hot things really are hot; by accident I brushed a hot frying pan when I was a kid. Stretch marks near my groin and armpits stem from pushing myself at the fitness center; I am somewhat obsessed with physical strength. My nose is a little crooked from boxing. I was never bitten by an animal, though – mosquito bites don’t count, since they’re not technically bites, nor do ticks, since they don’t have teeth, but mandibles. As I described in my Russia II, one dog did try recently, but she had a little bit of a dimension problem.

So, my body is my most prized possession. It has been with me since I was conceived, it will be with me until I decay, and it faithfully records all major events in my life, as it is the medium through which I live in the first place. Anything else I can ultimately do without, so long as it is not required to sustain my body.

2 thoughts on “A new DP challe…

  1. Maybe someday it will be the body of someone you love that you will value more than your own – at least I hope you will experience this miracle. Love can get us out of the swamp of selfishness.

    1. You mistake my love for my body for selfishness. Also, I could never call anybody else my possession. There are many people in my life who I love, but no items to symbolize these feelings. If I had, they would be my most prized possessions.

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