I woke up at 8 PM the day before yesterday, did some thinking, writing, catching up with the world after being cut off from the internet for over a week – life without the virtual world is hardly life for me – and finally, at 10 AM yesterday, we had breakfast. Sunny side ups, toast, jam. Then, a walk, mostly to markets to shop for food. Spontaneously, I decided to cook dinner in the evening. Something simple, yet tasty. By 2 PM we had all the ingredients we needed: Chicken, mustard, flower, spices, oil, potatos, onions, garlic. My hosts naturally had some of the ingredients at home, after all, they do cook for themselves. I also decided to bake a pie. My hosts have plenty of apples and butter, all we needed to buy was wine, cream and nutmeg. Around 3 PM I started preparing the pie dough. I was rather exhausted, as I had been awake for 18 hours, so I tricked my body into thinking I was having a party: a can of Red Devil and a bottle of Бальтика 9 (Russian strong beer, 8% alc/vol); I can stay awake nearly indefinitely when I’m having a party. After the dough was finished, I soaked the apples in boiling wine with honey, cinnamon, lemon juice and nutmeg. While the apples were soaking, we watched a movie (Tenacios D in the Pick of Desitiny, hilarious flick), and at 5.30 PM we returned to the kitchen to prepare the chicken. I made a mustard paste to cover the chicken with, cut some onions and garlic to go with the sliced potatos, set the oven to 6 and baked for 50 minutes. By the time dinner was ready, it was 8 PM, I had been awake for 24 hours now, and guests has arrived around 7. We ate and drank, the cream wouldn’t stiffen properly, so I salvaged it and made eggnog with the Havana Rum I bought at the Duty Free shop in Frankfurth three weeks back. Communication was… interesting. My hosts speak some English, the vegetarian guest (I didn’t know vegetarians could survive in Russia, but I learned they form colonies here) spoke a little German, her daughter, a 6 year old, naturally only spoke Russian, and then there was another guest who also spoke only Russian, so the dictionary saw frequent usage. But they all liked my cooking (the vegetarian, of course, held back with her opinion on the chicken). We still have the spiced wine with honey left over from baking the pie, which we will drink today, and there is more eggnog to follow.  They loved the salvage eggnog, but they want to know what it is like when you intend to make it in the first place 🙂


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