The Two Hands Conundrum

The events described in this article occurred last week. I am only posting this now because I didn’t have an internet connection at the time.

Have you ever been in the situation where a third hand would have been really handy? You’re in the street, holding a bottle with something to drink, listening to a musician, and when they finish their song, you want to applaud, and you would if it weren’t for that stupid bottle in your other hand. I had a very similar situation last night; I was out with two very beautiful Russian ladies, and after we left the other place (a very nice rock pub, except for the fact that we had to pay 200 rubles to get in and we would have had to pay another 300 rubles when the band started to play. We flipped a coin, it told us to leave, we left), we met a group of young people from Siberia in the pedestrian area and had a few drinks with them (I exchanged t-shirts with one of them and drank to BFF-dom with another, repeatedly), and constantly I had to hand my drink to Marina so I could perform these acts. At least I got to practice my Russian language skills, as I asked her to „держись, пожолуйсто“, (hold on, please).

2 thoughts on “The Two Hands Conundrum

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    1. I’d argue that most potential spouses would like you to learn about their Umwelt – after all, if you intend to spend your lives together, you should understand each other. Also, most Russian women we westerners meet have a college degree, because westerners don’t go to Russia on vacation as often as they would in, say, Italy or France. The actual rate of college education is probably not higher than, say, in Germany

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