My Socialympics

When I voted on the Poll, I couldn’t really subscribe to any of the positions offered.

Definitely, I was blogging updates about the Olympic games from beginning to end.

I am not interested in many of the olympic disciplines, and as a multinational person, I also don’t support a specific country more than the others. Also, my social media involvement is mostly restricted to FaceBook, and I try not to leak too much information about myself there. What I do regularly comment on is AlJazeera, though I find that most of the positions posted by the community are hardly agreeable, and often very hateful (I am not hateful, and if you say otherwise I will hunt you down and wear your hide as a coat and your entrails as a belt!)

Not at all, the two are completely unrelated for me.

If there is anything the internet has taught us, it is that unrelated never applies to social media. Even Justin Bieber hatred is related to social media (there’s that word again. I wonder why this keeps popping up in this post).

A little bit, I wrote about the Olympics on my blog, but I still followed along the “old-fashioned” way.

Actually, this the first time I am writing about The Olympics on my blog, and its relation is far fetched at best. I watched a total of 10 hours of The Olympics in the past 2 weeks on TV. In Russian, which I still barely understand. As I said, a comment or two on fb, a few likes here and there, a short comment on AlJazeera. Still, social media constitute 90% of my contact with the Olympics 2012.


The Olympics have alwas triggered massive emotions among those who followed them, and the social media connect vast quantities of people, allowing them to share their emotions among each other and thereby greatly empowering these emotions. It makes people part of something bigger. Emotions move people, and people move the world. The Socialympics 2012 have therefore moved the world more than any previous Olympics.


4 thoughts on “My Socialympics

    1. I was going to write a one-liner, something like “supporting all is like supporting none”, but I guess that just depends on the POV. I do favor a few nations, countries that I have a special bond with. I guess, being multinational just takes the fervor out of my support for any particular country, especially since most of the countries I favor have been mortal enemies in recent history, e.g. Ireland – England, Germany – France, Russia – The US of A, Japan – China, and now they cooperate in a global economy, that is far from perfect, but much better than armed conflict

      1. with human districts there is always history and conflict and natural disaster. human history is terrifying and full of much suffering. but through international endeavours, even sporting competitions, human is able to show it is not defined by its history, whether current (japan) or less so (rwanda). human is able to hope for a better future, one of cooperation and mutual benefit and support, economic or otherwise. multinational human, i say go forth and celebrate your diversity.

      2. Well, I didn’t say I don’t celebrate the diversity, though I do it more during the soccer/football world championship (there’s simply no escaping that where I grew up). On the point of hope I would like to write an independent blog post 🙂

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