Hello world!

Very well. I registered with WordPress, because a friend of mine needed an editor. His English is actually really good, but not being a native speaker, he sometimes uses awkward expressions. No matter, that’s what friends are for. So then I’m sitting there, inspecting WordPress, what I can do with it, what other people do with it. It’s not like it’s my first contact with WordPress. It’s not even my first attempt at setting up my own blog (the first time I tried I was totally intoxicated with ethane alcohol, at least 0.2%, and I haven’t looked at the site since). But I do hope it is successfull. And you, dear reader, can give me that feeling of success, by reading, liking, and perhaps even commenting on my posts. FAMILY MEMBERS AND RELATIVES: I would really appreciate it if you were among the first to encourage me. Maybe it’s not enough to keep me going, but I do feel that your support in the matter is vital to this project of mine


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Your blog is absolutely great – just exploring its nether worlds a bit more 😉
    I would recommend it to anybody who needs a reason / target for procrastination and/or ponders about the secrets of the universe and the existence of humanity! Fortunately I have to stop in a minute, leave the holodeck and wait for the shuttle to the real world.

    If I may ask (I am doing it anyway): Did you ever consider becoming professional writer? I guess you write about that somewhere on your blog and I haven’t found it yet?

    1. Thanks, Elke, it’s also a great place for me to procrastinate; I need to finish building my new kitchen and get the furniture out of the cellar, but I can always have an awesome thought to write down and comment on when I really don’t want to work (or comment on someone else’s brilliant ideas, but I digress).

      To answer your question, I started blogging to get some feedback on my writing style, in order to be a worthwhile writer, good enough for becoming a “professional” writer some day

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